Technical Documents

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Policy Statements for Statewide GIS Activities, Adopted July 21, 1995

ITPC Policy: Cross-agency Planning for Greater Resource Sharing

ITPC Policy: Statewide Geographic Information System (GIS)

This document explains the process for creating geo-referenced building sketches for tabular data contained in the Tax Assessor’s CAMA files.

The attached file contains step by step instructions for converting tabular building sketch data into spatially enabled polygons that exactly duplicate the sketches used for formulating property assessments in the Windows version of the Georgia Appraisal Program (WinGAP) CAMA application. This process was developed by a team at the ITOS division of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at...

The purposes of the GISCC are charitable, scientific, literary, and educational. Any business being conducted by the GISCC will operate as permitted under the sanction of the Georgia Technology Authority as authorized by the Official Code of Georgia.

The GISCC is a governing body to provide statewide guidance on sustainable geospatial governance, investments, policies, and data-...


2009 Georgia Geospatial Strategic Plan Document.

Funding was graciously provided by the Department of Interior (DOI) United States Geological Survey (USGS) Federal Geographic Data Committee’s (FGDC) 50 States Initiative...

TOPIC: Case Studies

2010 Georgia Case Studies Across Georgia - PDF Document.

[This document was compiled by the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council (GGAC) in 2010]


This 52-page report represents the first-ever statewide geospatial audit in Georgia and is the product of O.C.G.A § 12-5-9 (b)(3). The Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council (GGAC), of which GISCC is an active member, poses 5 recommendations in support of the following 2...


This document contains recommendations to the ITPC regarding the establishment of statewide GIS policies. This document was adopted by the ITPC on July 21, 1995.

[This document was originally created in 1995 by the GISAC– Converted to PDF in 2012 as an archived reference document by GISCC Website Subcommittee...