Technical Documents

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Status document of Elevation in Georgia prepared in support of LIDAR for the state.

Comments and problems and concerns about the audit tool used by GGAC

Raw data results from the 2010 Geospatial Audit perfromed by GGAC

Flyer promoting advantages of using NSGIC RAMONA system to perform audit

The GISCC has been asked by the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council to take a look at the Geospatial Audit that was performed last year and the results that followed and create a document that is an executive summary. The GISCC Strategic Policy and Planning Subcommittee was tasked with creating a draft executive summary. 

Please keep in mind the above document will be presented to the...

This document contains inofrmation about the USGS LiDAR  guidelines and base specificaitons.

This document contains the most recent  American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) LAS specifications.

This FAQ document is an excellent resource for information regarding LiDAR data structure, specs, and real-world applications.  The document was provided by the USGS.

House Bill 169, passed into law in 2010, created the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council (GGAC) and gave it two primary tasks: 1) to use geospatial capabilities in meeting Federal Emergency Management Agency notification recommendations ; and 2) to formulate GGAC recommendations for advancing governmental data interoperability and enhancing service delivery to the citizens of Georgia through...