GASDI Spotlights


The purpose of the Office of Health Indicators for Planning (OHIP) is to provide valid and reliable evidence about the health status of the population of Georgia. Many public and private entities need relevant data at the local level. Spatial display of data can require many resources. 

  • Requests for health data  need to be answered in a timely manner, and be relevant to local information users.
  • As required by customers (e.g. District Public Health Directors) to...
Newton County uses GIS to track sex offenders

Newton County is using GIS to track sex offenders in their county to remain compliant with a new state law.

Georgia Powers SelectGeorgia site aids in Economic Development

Georgia Power’s SelectGeorgia GIS web application allows users to search for available land and buildings throughout the entire state by features or by location, overlay supporting GIS data to further evaluate location, and generate detailed reports that include property information, taxes, demographics, and nearby transportation.

The implementation of SelectGeorgia has enabled Georgia Power to gain operational efficiencies through streamlined processes and costs savings through...

FalconView in action

During a crisis, Federal, State and Local Agencies need to cooperate but first responders have no common operational picture.  Generally, geospatial data (maps) are released to all agencies but without common tools, it can be hard to communicate information effectively.

FalconView is a Free Tool for Viewing and Annotating Geospatial  Data that can be shared via the Internet

  • Developed by Georgia Tech over the last 17 years, FalconView is and application used by over...
Governor Perdue signs letter of support for GGAC

On October 14, 2010 Governor Sonny Perdue signed a letter of support for the GGAC audit and activities. Governor Perdue recognized the effort that had been put into the process to that point and encouraged all counties to complete the audit by the October 29, 2010 deadline.

Why do we need LiDAR?

This graphic shows a surface model at 1 inch equals 400 feet resolution.  Notice the detail of manmade and natural surfaces.  This image was generated using ESRI 3D Analyst.

Americus Tornado

The Americus tornado recovery was aided by GIS

BLLIP in Action

Developed in 2005, Building, Land and Lease Inventory of Property (BLLIP) is the result of both executive and legislative actions indicating the need for a centralized data warehouse of the State's holdings in leases, buildings, land, and other assets.

Geographic Information Officer

2015 Georgia's first Geographic Information Officer. Realizing the need for statewide coordination in GIS-based service delivery across all levels of government, the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions (GARC) has established the state’s first Geospatial Information Office (GIO) and associated Georgia Geospatial Network (GGN).