Case for Better Mapping in Georgia

The GISCC has been asked by the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council to take a look at the Geospatial Audit that was performed last year and the results that followed and create a document that is an executive summary. The GISCC Strategic Policy and Planning Subcommittee was tasked with creating a draft executive summary. 

Please keep in mind the above document will be presented to the GGAC as the document that the GISCC supports for submission to the General Assembly. Keep in mind this is our document and I implore all committee members to take a look at this document and forward your comments and revisions to myself at

Also, keep in mind this is our document and will be read by the General Assembly as speaking for the Georgia GIS community as a whole.

Thank you for your participation.

Chris Chalmers (Chairman – Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee)