New GISCC Listserv Policy

As discussed in the last GISCC meeting the GISCC is need of a usage policy as it pertains to the listserv. We have had an increasing number of reports of misuse and I am now happy to report we have a policy. This policy was created by the Strategic Policy and Planning Subcommittee and voted on by the Executive Committee. The approved listserv policy is in bold type below.


“Georgia GISCC ListServ Policy:


The Georgia GISCC Listserv is a place to share ideas, discuss case studies and provide other relevant geospatial information to the GIS community in Georgia.  Discussions should be active and productive with  emphasis on education and non-partisan opinions relating to the advocacy and enhancement of the Geospatial Profession.   Professional conduct and etiquette is required to be maintained by all participants for access and continued use of the GISCC ListServ.   


Commercial advertising or direct advocacy of products/services is prohibited.  Separate E-Mail attachments are prohibited.   In addition, direct solicitation or use of contact information obtained from the GISCC ListServ is strictly prohibited  Do not use this list to "mine" names or other contact information from people who post to this list.  GISCC will investigate complaints from subscribers who report being subjected to such violations of this policy.  Complaints should be sent via email to the Chairperson of the GISCC. Those who violate this policy may be banned from this listserv, and the GISCC further reserves the right to remove all subscribers affiliated with entities that fail to control employees engaged in these practices.”