The Framework Management subcommittee oversees framework themes, including transportation, boundaries, hydrography, imagery, wetlands and landuse/cover. Currently the only active subgroup is NextGen 911.

Currently the Chair of the Framework Committee is Paula Edwards with Spatial Engineering. Contact:

NextGen 911 Subcommittee Chair is Natalie Lee with Michael Baker Corporation. Contact:

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This 13 minute video was produced by David Holcomb and Geoff Garland for educational use during the Coastal LIDAR project.

January 27, 2012

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Ernie Smith



Flooding is a leading cause of natural disaster in the United States. High-quality, digital mapping is essential to communicating flood hazard areas to those at risk. Urban expansion and land development have significantly altered the earth surface. New roads and flood drainage structures have an effect on projected floodwater depths, and land subsidence can be significant in coastal areas. As a result, flood disasters over the past years have created an increasing demand for precise, accurate and tangible data of the earth’s surface