Bylaws of the State of Georgia Geographic Information System Coordinating Committee (GISCC)

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The purposes of the GISCC are charitable, scientific, literary, and educational. Any business being conducted by the GISCC will operate as permitted under the sanction of the Georgia Technology Authority as authorized by the Official Code of Georgia.

The GISCC is a governing body to provide statewide guidance on sustainable geospatial governance, investments, policies, and data-driven decisions within the State of Georgia.

The GISCC is not a Geographic Information System (GIS) technical user group or professional association dedicated to the practice of GIS or related geospatial technology.

The GISCC facilitates the improvement of statewide geospatial strategic planning, coordination, governance, education, outreach, and development.

The role of the GISCC is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of geospatial service delivery by the State of Georgia to the public.

As an organization, the GISCC does not endorse specific vendors or products. However, the GISCC may endorse policies or actions that support a specific approach to obtain the best value or quality for the State of Georgia.

[Georgia GISCC Bylaws document as finalized in July 2010 GISCC monthly meeting].