Collaboration During Times of Crisis

FalconView in action

During a crisis, Federal, State and Local Agencies need to cooperate but first responders have no common operational picture.  Generally, geospatial data (maps) are released to all agencies but without common tools, it can be hard to communicate information effectively.

FalconView is a Free Tool for Viewing and Annotating Geospatial  Data that can be shared via the Internet

  • Developed by Georgia Tech over the last 17 years, FalconView is and application used by over 40,000 users in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.
  • Initially funded by the National Guard, FalconView  can view most commonly used map data and without the need of a continuous network connections.
  • Annotations can be created using a number of tools and the results can be shared as files, through a central database or in a web browser.