Technology-Enabled State Agency Business Success Stories: 2010 - 2012

To GISCC members and friends working in or with Georgia State Agencies:

By JULY 11, 2012 please submit any/all technology-enabled business success stories, per the outline below, to be considered for inclusion in the Georgia 2012 Center for Digital Government’s Digital States Survey.

Please keep your state-agency related submittals short (250-words or less) and as quantifiable/impactful as possible, as in the following example:

(Fits within Question 5.B. below) "The Georgia Building Lands and Lease Inventory of Properties (BLLIP), a collaborative online Geographic Information System (GIS) application, was the result of a multi-agency requirement for a seamless spatial database of state-owned properties, resulting in $22 million dollars in savings through the sale of surplus property. Also as a result of BLLIP, the State saved $1.1 million in 2006 through the renegotiation and consolidation of leases which will project into a total savings of $20.5 million until 2012."

Question 1. Adaptive Leadership in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
A. Policy Alignment
B. Computing
C. Network
D. Applications
E. Data and Cyber Security
F. Energy Management
G. Governance, Project Management and Funding
H. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
I. Performance Benchmark Reporting
Question 2. Specific Service Delivery Highlights
A. Finance, Administration, Procurement and Human Resource Management
B. Public Safety, Emergency Management, Criminal Justice and Corrections
C. Health, Social and Human Services
D. Transportation and Motor Vehicles
Question 3. Specific Service Delivery Highlights-State Selections (Three of Five Required)
A. Licensing and Permitting—Non-DMV
B. Commerce, Labor and Taxation—Economic, Business and Workforce Development
C. Environment, Natural Resources, Parks, Hunting and Fishing
D. Education
E. Legislative and/or Judiciary Branch Support
Question 4 Citizen Engagement
A. Open Government
B. Citizen Online Services
C. Mobile Services
D. Social Media
Question 5 Innovation, Collaboration and Jurisdictional Differentiators
A. Innovation
B. Collaboration
C. Jurisdictional Differentiator (critical success factors)